102 - Invisible Wounds of the Afghanistan Warzone w/ Kelsie Sheren

We invite you to delve into the inspiring and courageous story of Kelsie Sheren, who served on the frontlines in Afghanistan An Infantry and Artillery veteran, Kelsie returned home bearing the invisible wounds of war, grappling with severe PTSD. Her experiences and losses on the battlefield served as a catalyst for her to transform personal adversity into a lifeline for others. After enduring seven years of personal struggle, Kelsie channeled her pain and resilience into founding Brass and Unity in 2016. Her mission? To give her fellow soldiers a second chance at life and to support them in their own battles against PTSD. Let’s explore Kelsie's remarkable journey from the war-ridden landscapes of Afghanistan… to the helm of a socially conscious enterprise…  And how her personal battle with PTSD has fuelled her unwavering dedication to help her fellow servicemen and women." Buy her book HERE Listen to her podcast HERE Kelsi's website HERE

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