104 - Penis Enlargement (and more!) w/ Dr. Neil Pollock

Hey Podcast buddies.... Buckle up because today we're diving into a world that's a little bit... delicate. We're talking penis enlargement, vasectomies, circumcisions, hair restoration, and more. Don't worry, we're not going DIY here. We've got THE GUY in the house, Dr. Pollock from Pollock Clinics, the go-to place in British Columbia for these procedures. Now, Dr. Pollock isn't just any doctor. He's the kind of doctor who's seen more private parts than a bathroom mirror at a hockey stadium. His team has safely carried out over 95,000 procedures. That's a lot! Dr. Pollock is also an innovator. He's the brain behind the Pollock Technique™ for circumcision. It's virtually painless, done under local anesthetic.  But it's not all about the snip at Pollock Clinics. They also offer a no-scalpel, no-needle vasectomy. It's done in minutes.   And for those of us who are losing the battle against baldness, they've got a secret weapon: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections. It's like a green smoothie for your scalp, stimulating hair regrowth from within. So, without further ado, let's welcome Dr. Pollock to the show. Doc, we're all ears... and other parts. Let's dive in! Connect with Pollock Clinics HERE

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