105 - Setting Boundaries w/ Demi Dee of "The Knockout Room"

Hey Podcast Buddies! Today, we have the founder of The Knockout Room, Demi Dee. Demi is a holistic health coach and fitness trainer who has dedicated her life to helping young girls and their mothers navigate the challenging world of body image and self-esteem. The Knockout Room is a transformative platform that offers a unique 12-week program called The Knockout Protocol. This program is designed to empower tweens to love themselves and their bodies, and it provides mothers with the tools to support their daughters during this critical stage of development. Demi is committed to combating the unrealistic beauty standards and body shaming that are so prevalent in today's media. Through one-on-one sessions, she helps mothers and daughters tap into their inner strength to battle the pressures of our sensationalized society. The Knockout Protocol is more than just a program, it's a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Throughout the program, participants explore common inner barriers, create empowering stories, and establish healthy boundaries. The ultimate goal is to foster a positive and supportive relationship between mothers and daughters that will last a lifetime. So let's jump into an enlightening conversation with Demi Dee, the superhero behind The Knockout Room! Connect with Demi HERE

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