93 - Blindfolded Hugs, and a BILLION Views - Zachery Dereniowski aka "@MDmotivator"

Discover the story behind @MDMotivator (Zachery Dereniowski) - (Over a BILLION views)  from his struggles with depression during medical school to his motivation for creating a supportive community on TikTok centred around vulnerability. Explore Zach's journey of feeling trapped in a cycle and recognizing that he was pursuing things in his life for external validation rather than personal fulfillment. Zach and Kid delve into his initial content, including the widely popular blindfolded hugging videos with a sign emphasizing the importance of unconditional love. Thanks for listening! Support my sponsors! Enti-ana Jewelry: real gold, elegant, trendy, high-fashion, and sexy. Visit Entiana.com Use promo code "KIND20" to save 20%. DOSE: a marketplace for premium mushroom products.  Visit DOSE.LAND. (I use the Neuro Botanicals "brain" formula) Use promo code "KID" to save 10% on your first order.

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For over two decades Kid Carson has stood as an iconic figure in Vancouver radio, waking up the city with his charisma and warmth. Many grew up listening to Kid as part of their daily soundtrack, creating a unique bond with him that Kid is especially grateful for. His show is an exploration into the many facets of personal growth, covering psychology, spirituality, relationships, health, parenting, and mental well-being. It's enriched by insightful interviews with local legends and lively discussions on trending topics.