95 - Breaking Free: Corrie George on Being "Awake," Truth, Transformation, and Limitless Potential

Corrie George is an entrepreneur, and business owner, established a direct sales business employing over 200 people and generating $31 million in commissions in just 3 years, while also operating two companies serving clients across Canada. A car enthusiast, natural health advocate, and influential educator, Corrie is committed to fostering the greatest surge of young businesspeople in history. In this illuminating episode, we delve into the realm of the truth community with our special guest, Corrie George.  Corrie shares his insights on what it means to be "Awake" and the journey that led him to this understanding. Corrie opens up about his personal experiences and the challenges he faced while navigating through the labyrinth of alternative perspectives. Finally, we touch on the potential pitfalls within the truth community and how to avoid falling into the trap of dogma and division. Join us for this thought-provoking and inspiring conversation, as we journey with Corrie George into the heart of what it means to be truly "Awake." Come see Corrie speak LIVE in Vancouver May 27th @ "Kid Carson and Friends" tickets available at www.KIDCARSON.com

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