97 - Digital Dollar, Social Credit w/ Clay Clark

Kid goes deep with Clay Clark, a renowned entrepreneur, educator, and speaker, to dive into some of the most critical and contentious issues of our time. Clay gives us the straight goods on where the creeps are trying to push the world. The potential dangers of a 'Digital Dollar', and what this means for individual freedoms, privacy, and economic stability. We also delve into the concept of the 'Social Credit Score', a system which is gaining momentum in some parts of the world, raising serious questions about the balance between surveillance, social control, and personal liberty. check out Clay's events across the US: Re-Awaken America Tour connect with Kid: www.KIDCARSON.com

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For over two decades Kid Carson has stood as an iconic figure in Vancouver radio, waking up the city with his charisma and warmth. Many grew up listening to Kid as part of their daily soundtrack, creating a unique bond with him that Kid is especially grateful for. His show is an exploration into the many facets of personal growth, covering psychology, spirituality, relationships, health, parenting, and mental well-being. It's enriched by insightful interviews with local legends and lively discussions on trending topics.