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LCC 5: Erring on the Side of Taking Action as a Web Developer

av The Ladies Code Collective Podcast | Publicerades 7/29/2020

In this eppy, we talk about the path of the self-taught web developer and how there's no true one-size-fits-all blueprint for learning to code.When learning to code, we might feel like we have so, so many choices of what to do next that it can feel really stressful.We obviously want to be sure we’re not wasting time in learning something so we need to be *sure* that what we’re pursuing is worthwhile.This can keep us totally stuck and not really making any progress.But even if we learn something that we don’t end up using, doesn’t it still give us a little bit more of an idea about the overall ecosystem of programming?The secret is to put one foot in front of the other day after day after day.Other mentions in this episode: My interview on the Way of Living Podcast-------------------Music credit to Le Gang ( Stay up to date with Ladies Code Collective by signing up for the email newsletter >> Have a coding project you want to work on in a supportive environment of other creative coding women? Come apply for a spot in my upcoming Ladies Code Collective Cohort (space is limited!) >> More info here

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