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LCC 6: Don’t Stop Learning JavaScript Three Weeks After Starting It

av The Ladies Code Collective Podcast | Publicerades 8/12/2020

DON'T STOP LEARNING SOMETHING JUST WEEKS AFTER STARTINGThis episode takes a deep dive into why exactly we should resist giving up after only a few weeks of learning something.I often see beginners in the coding community getting frustrated that learning to program isn't 'sticking' as quickly as they'd like it to.But the problem with thinking that we should give up after a finite amount of time is that we don't even consider staying with something for the ultimate long run.Think about taking a flight across the world. When you get on the airplane, you buckle up and prepare ourselves for a long flight. We don't have any other choice than to sit back and be patient. We need to have the same mindset when we're learning to program.We discuss learning a true programming language like JavaScript and how we don't always realize that it's a completely different way of thinking.Tune in to hear my three main tips for sticking with programming for the long haul until you find success with it (in whatever way that looks for you!)-------------------Music credit to Le Gang ( Stay up to date with Ladies Code Collective by signing up for my email newsletter >> Have a coding project you want to work on in a supportive environment of other creative coding women? Come apply for a spot in my upcoming Ladies Code Collective Cohort (space is limited!) >> More info here

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