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LCC 7: Q&A: Tutorials, Tutorials, Tutorials

av The Ladies Code Collective Podcast | Publicerades 8/19/2020

This is the first Q&A episode of The Ladies Code Collective Podcast! Join me as I answer questions about all things tutorials - including how when to know when to step away from tutorials and start building projects on your own, as well as my own personal path in teaching myself how to code.-------------------Music credit to Le Gang ( How many times have you gotten to work on a coding side project that you’d just gotten the lightning bolt of inspiration for, only to fantastically fizzle out a few days later once you ran into a tough problem that you weren’t motivated to solve?Grab my 5-step blueprint for starting and finishing any creative coding side project right over here! If you have questions for me that you’d like me to explore and answer on the next Q/A episode, email them to me at! 

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