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LCC 8: How to Actually Finish Any Coding Side Project

av The Ladies Code Collective Podcast | Publicerades 8/26/2020

It's time to actually finish and showcase your coding side projects!In this episode of The Ladies Code Collective Podcast, I talk about the problem of not finishing and ultimately never showcasing the creative coding side projects we start.Whether it's for embellishing your coding portfolio or just for practicing a new coding language or framework, side projects are essential along our coding journeys.This episode covers the five essential steps I personally use to finish any side project I start. Get ready to ship those side projects!-------------------Music credit to Le Gang ( Grab my 5-Step Blueprint for starting and finishing creative coding side projects >> > FreebieP.P.S. Have a coding project you want to work on in a supportive environment of other creative coding women? Come apply for a spot in my upcoming Ladies Code Collective Cohort (space is limited!) >> More info here

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