How Do I Foster a Safe Space in My Group Coaching Program?

In This Episode, You Will Learn: How to set clear expectations in your agreements. The disclaimers to keep in mind specifically in your group coaching setting. How to protect your group coaching container with termination rights.   Resources + Links:   Coaching Bundle | Buy Now   ....................   Work with Guide My Business   Connect with Lauren on Instagram | @thelaurenboyd   Join the our Facebook Community Show Notes: Coaches, we’re here to support YOU! As a coach we know how important it is for you to communicate clearly, set expectations, and create a safe space in your coaching programs. What does this look like from a legal standpoint? In this episode, we’re here to shed light on 3 things you’ll want to have in place for your coaching programs. Including important points when it comes to your agreements and disclaimers. Setting clear expectations will benefit you and anyone that joins your group coaching program, and it ultimately starts with you! Tune in for our tips, and check out our Links and Resources so we can help you get started and be your legal team to support you.   01:30 What expectations do I need to set in my coaching agreement? 03:40 What disclaimers should I have in my group coaching community? 05:15 Protecting your group coaching containers with termination rights. 07:00 Think of the possibilities that can take place when you’ve created a safe space for your group coaching program.  

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