Is Social Media Serving You?

Navigating social media as a parent can feel really tricky. Nikki and I discuss how our relationship with social media has changed since we first got online and how we plan on approaching screen time, cell phones, and social media with our children as they grow.  I share some questions that I’ve been reflecting on as I evaluate how I want to show up on Instagram and Nikki dives into how you can run a successful business without being on every platform. Along those lines, today’s legal brief is about establishing boundaries within your team, especially around communication.   IN THIS EPISODE, WE TALK ABOUT: Recognizing when social media is no longer serving you  How apps like Instagram and Facebook have changed since they first launched  What to do if you’re trying to stay off social media, but you really need to leverage it for your business  The fine line between finding inspiration and muddling your own ideas  Finding a balance and being intentional about screen time with our kids    RESOURCES Join the waitlist for my new HR app, Quinn!  @thecut @biglittlefeelings     Mika Perry's website Collin Kartchner Ted Talk (about smartphones) Geneva  The Social Dilemma It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover    Chicka Chicka Boom Boom video    CONNECT WITH NIKKI  Follow Nikki: @thenikkibutler  Follow Nikki Butler Media: @nikkibutlermedia  Work with Nikki:    CONNECT WITH LAUREN Follow Lauren: @thelaurenboyd Follow Guide My Business: @guidemybusiness

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Behind the scenes of a founder’s life. I’m Lauren Boyd, a small business owner, attorney and mom. Join me for my honest take on entrepreneurship, marriage and motherhood. I’ll Make This Brief is a seasonal podcast sharing my musings on common topics founders face, from leading your team and embracing your zone of genius, to managing mom guilt and nurturing your personal relationships. Each episode, I’ll also be sharing a legal brief highlighting some of my favorite and trending legal tips and perspectives. Join me and a special guest every quarter to binge a handful of episodes from the trenches of the messy middle to empower you to own your day. Hopefully, these episodes will come into your life at the perfect time. I promise, I’ll make this brief. For more, follow Lauren on Instagram @thelaurenboyd.