TLP374: A Defining Day with Don Bentley

Don Bentley, renowned author of the Matt Drake series and Tom Clancy: A Jack Ryan Jr. Novel Book. From Apache pilot to FBI agent, his life story embodies resilience and diverse experiences. Explore his insights on failure, leadership, and trust-building, shaped by commanding military units, managing startups, and writing for prestigious franchises. Don candidly reflects on a defining day in his life, offering a glimpse into the struggles soldiers face on and off the battlefield. Don Bentley's story is a testament to the transformative power of challenges and the unwavering pursuit of growth and achievement.     Key Takeaways [02:12] Don Bentley, a New York Times bestselling author known for the Matt Drake series and Tom Clancy Jack Ryan Jr. novels. From army Apache pilot to FBI agent, his journey is defined by resilience and diverse experiences. Don shares his unique perspective on the value of failure, the importance of supportive factors, and the enduring pursuit of meaningful achievements. [12:09] Don reflects on his experience of pursuing a pilot's license and navigating the unpredictable terrain of startups, valuable lessons emerge. The candid discussion touches upon the initial misconception of natural talent, the unexpected twists of startup endeavors, and the profound impact of failure on personal development. He shares his journey of transitioning from the FBI to startups, revealing the intricate balance between narrow focus and diversification. [17:03] Don’s expertise in building trust and leading in high-stakes situations takes the spotlight as he shares insights from commanding military units, managing startups, and writing for prestigious franchises. His approach, anchored in humility and authenticity, emphasizes the significance of servant leadership and the value of every individual's role.  [27:49] Don opens up about a defining and haunting day in his life—June 20, 2005.  Serving as an Air Cavalry troop commander in Afghanistan, he recounts the challenges and tragedies of that day when tasked with rescuing a compromised SEAL team. The emotional aftermath, combined with his transition back to civilian life, offers a glimpse into the struggles soldiers face both on the battlefield and within themselves. Through the camaraderie of fellow veterans, he finds healing and a new purpose, highlighting the resilience that shapes his ongoing journey. [41:42] Closing quote: Remember, you have to remember that the hard days are what make you stronger. The bad days make you realize what a good day is. If you never had any bad days, you would never have that sense of accomplishment. — Ali Raisman.    Quotable Quotes "Once you get used to failing and you pick yourself up, then the next thing doesn't seem so difficult to try."   "And I think being a good leader is very similar to that in that your actions should show that you're a caring leader, that you're willing to do what you're asking your subordinates to do as well, not your words."   "The things that are worth having are not easy to get."   "The hardest things in life are the ones that are worth having."   "I know what my limitations are as a person and sometimes you can't figure that out when things succeed. You can only figure that out when things go sideways."   "Leadership is taking an organization where it needs to go rather than where it wants to go."   "Excellence has to be worked for because that's not the natural order of things."   "When you're in the thick of it, you better be calm and competent."   "What we all want is to be surrounded by people that have our backs no matter what we're doing and people that we can trust."   These are the books mentioned by Don Ben Bentley   Resources Mentioned The Leadership Podcast | Sponsored by | Rafti Advisors. LLC | Self-Reliant Leadership. LLC | Don Bentley Website | Don Bentley Facebook | Don Benley Twitter | 

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