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Bob Tiede, a 52-year Crew veteran and creator of, a blog followed by leaders in over 200 countries for the past 11 years. Bob shares a life-changing event from his early days, driven by his grandmother's belief in his destiny. Bob discusses the underutilization of questions in leadership, emphasizing the power of curiosity and his four favorite questions. He highlights the value of pausing when asking questions and how leaders who embrace this approach can be significantly more effective. Bob also emphasizes the simplicity of asking questions and their role in fostering collaboration and innovative problem-solving. Lastly, he explores the importance of asking open-ended questions during change and shares a moving question from Cheryl Batchelder's book, inviting listeners to join his book ambassador team for a free signed copy of "Leading with Questions."   Key Takeaways [02:08] Bob Tiede, a 52-year Crew (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) veteran and the creator of, a blog followed by leaders in 200 countries for 11 years. Bob shares about an event that changed his life. It began with his grandma's belief on the day he was born that he would "serve the Lord." This story, discovered at 22, still intrigues him. Another life-changing moment was joining a fraternity in his freshman year at the University of South Dakota, leading him to faith through Campus Crusade for Christ.  [04:58] Bob discusses the underutilization of great questions in leadership. He shares that many leaders, including himself in the past, often saw leadership as telling people what to do rather than asking questions. This perspective changed when he discovered the book "Leading with Questions" by Dr. Michael Marquardt in 2006. Bob believes that leaders don't realize the value of questions because no one has shown them how effective questions can be. He introduces his four favorite questions, emphasizing their simplicity and power. Jim and Jan also discuss the fear of losing control when asking questions and the importance of embracing curiosity. [12:59] Now, the focus is on the power of leading with questions, a skill that can be learned in just 30 seconds. The conversation highlights the significance of pausing and patiently waiting for responses when asking questions. Research shows that people often rush after just 2 or 3 seconds of silence, missing out on deeper insights. Bob introduces the "eight-second rule" to emphasize the value of waiting for more meaningful answers.  [15:36] Then, the conversation centers on the power of leaders who lead with questions. Bob explains that leaders who embrace this approach can be significantly more effective than those who simply give orders. He illustrates this with two questions: one about rowing a boat and another about leadership around a conference table. Leaders who ask questions and listen to their team's ideas create a collaborative atmosphere where better solutions emerge, and team members feel a sense of ownership.  [20:03] Afterward, Bob discusses the power of asking questions and explains that it's not as difficult as people often think. Asking questions creates a collaborative atmosphere where team members feel valued and more ideas emerge. Bob also introduces two innovative problem-solving techniques: "guarantee failure brainstorming" and "question storming." Bob also highlights the power of using the word "might" in questions to make them more inviting and open-ended. [28:13] Bob discusses the challenges of clients undergoing significant change, particularly with new people taking on new roles. Bob emphasizes the importance of asking open-ended questions to better understand the situation. He suggests questions like "Can you please tell me more?" and "What's our destination?" to help leaders and clients gain clarity about their goals and current position. Bob also highlights the significance of having a clear destination and a well-defined plan to navigate change effectively.  [33:12] Lastly, Bob shares a moving story about a question from Cheryl Batchelder's book, "Dare to Serve," which asks, "How well do you know your staff? Do you know the three or four events that have most shaped their lives?" This question led to a touching conversation with his colleague Neil. Bob encourages the audience to consider joining his book ambassador team to get a free signed copy of his latest book, "Leading with Questions."  [39:39] Closing quote: Remember, judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.  — Voltaire   Quotable Quotes "The power of might is in your questioning. Take away the word should and put in might, which just makes it more inviting, more comfortable, more safe to give." "People support what they help create." "For leaders, so many of them have never seen the value of questions." "The longer the silence, the better the answer." "A leader who leads with questions will be ten times more effective than a leader who leads by telling." "What are the chances that a leader might hear an idea better than the one they had?" "When you empower your staff to go with their ideas, you're going to have his whole heart." "If you've never been asked that question before, how helpful will it be if I start talking again in two or three seconds?"   Here are the books mentioned by Bob    Resources Mentioned The Leadership Podcast | Sponsored by | Rafti Advisors. LLC | Self-Reliant Leadership. LLC | Bob Tiede Website | Bob Tiede LinkedIn | Bob Tiede Twitter | 

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