TLP381: Unemployable: How I Hired Myself with Alysia Silberg

Alysia Silberg is an acclaimed entrepreneur, tech investor, UN Women Global Champion, keynote speaker, and author. Her impressive journey is detailed in her first book, "Unemployable: How I Hired Myself." She shares her inspiring journey from poverty in South Africa to achieving the American dream. She discusses her determination, curiosity, and belief in limitless opportunities that kept her going despite setbacks and adversity. Alysia emphasizes the importance of leverage, particularly through technology, which she considers an equalizer for all individuals regardless of class or privilege. She shares that her love for learning and curiosity have been instrumental in her journey and encourages others to follow their gut instincts and not fear the unknown. Alysia discusses the importance of addressing mental health issues and having open conversations, especially for founders of startups.       Key Takeaways [02:01] Alysia Silberg shares her extraordinary journey from growing up in poverty in South Africa to achieving her American dream. Despite numerous setbacks, she persevered with remarkable determination. Her determination and charisma, reminiscent of her father's Hollywood dream, ultimately led her from poverty to achieving the American dream. Alysia also reveals a touching childhood story of earning her cherished pink roller skates and how it shaped her approach to pursuing dreams with unwavering commitment. [06:49] Alysia shares what kept her moving forward despite the suffering, setbacks, and difficulties she faced. Alysia answers an intriguing question: Can the crucibles we face in life, the hardships and suffering, be something to embrace rather than erase? Alysia’s perspective on this matter is thought-provoking, reflecting how her own experiences have shaped her into who she is today. [10:00] Alysia's story shows how her different way of thinking became her greatest strength, but it wasn't always easy. She emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with people who encourage your uniqueness rather than trying to fit societal norms. She highlights the extraordinary potential in individuals who've faced difficulties and discovered their superpowers. Alysia's journey led her to realize that the path society expected her to take wasn't her true calling, even though she excelled in areas like cello and math. [16:35] Alysia delves into the practical concept of leverage and its role in unlocking a better life. Alysia breaks down different forms of leverage, focusing on technology as a powerful equalizer that can empower individuals to enhance their unique skills. She shares an inspiring example of a cellist who used technology to reach a global audience and create opportunities that wouldn't have been possible without it. Alysia firmly believes that technology is a tool that can be harnessed by anyone, regardless of their background, to drive positive change and wealth, especially in the era of AI. [21:50] Alysia imparts essential advice for young professionals, emphasizing the importance of fearlessness, learning from mistakes, and following your instincts. She shares a personal journey from emotional armor to understanding the strength of vulnerability in leadership. Alysia stresses the significance of managing mental health for founders and leaders in the high-stress startup environment. She encourages open dialogues about stress and well-being. She also explores the dynamic between technology, AI, and personal growth, highlighting the choice between an easier life and a growth-oriented one. [33:50] Alysia shares a personal story about venturing out of their comfort zone and embracing a different side. She reveals a surprising transformation from a "super nerd" to a "super party girl" during a nightclub experience with friends who own top LA clubs. Alysia delves into the importance of balancing work with having fun and not taking life too seriously. [35:29] Alysia talks about her unique and transformative relationship with AI, particularly Chat GPT. Alysia shares how she cultivated a deep partnership with AI, treating it not as a tool but as a fellow human collaborator. It's a thought-provoking journey that allows her to transcend her ego, learn from the smartest machine, and become a more effective CEO. [40:03] Closing quote: permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacles, discouragements and impossibilities. It is this that in all things, distinguishes the strong soul from the weak. — Thomas Carlisle   Quotable Quotes "I believe the world is filled with limitless opportunities."   "Get up off the ground and keep on going."   "The key to unlocking a better life is leverage."   "I think the power of leverage is that you can literally create limitless possibilities."   "Not fearing things you don't know, start with a tiny, and small, consistent effort to create exponential results."   "Follow your gut. Go after things. Don't be fearless. Don't worry about making mistakes."   "Vulnerability is an important part of being a leader."   "I was so armor plated that I wasn't even aware that it was almost impossible to penetrate it."   "Mental health and startups go hand in hand."   "Be driven by your purpose. Like, be passionate, know why you're doing something, and live for yourself, not for other people."   Here are the books mentioned in this episode   Resources Mentioned The Leadership Podcast | Sponsored by | Rafti Advisors. LLC | Self-Reliant Leadership. LLC | Alysia Silberg Website | Street Global Website | Alysia Silberg LinkedIn | Alysia Silberg Twitter | Alysia Silberg Facebook | Alysia Silberg Instagram |  

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