Ep 53 - Visibility On Your Own Terms

How do you get visible when you really don't feel like doing it? If you're feeling massive resistance to putting yourself out there, it could be that you need to find your own way of doing it, and that's exactly what Laura Robinson has managed to do. Listen for the top 3 mistakes people make when trying to get visible, and how to avoid them. Laura is a marketing mentor for people who sell their expertise online as 1-1 services, courses, memberships and group programs, helping them get comfortable with creating, selling, and marketing their offers, so they can enjoy a comfortable income. Connect with her at https://worditude.co.uk ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 💥 I help women adopt a life-friendly approach to growing their business through my membership, mastermind and podcast. ❓ Find out more about how I can help you at https://buff.ly/3gx2Aed  🎙️ Subscribe on your favourite player to get notified of the next Podcast episode https://www.lifefriendlybusiness.com/podcasts/life-friendly-business-podcast

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Welcome to the Life-Friendly Business Podcast where we lift the lid on the reality of running a business around family life and shine a light on the mindset gremlins which may well be stopping you from stepping in to your zone of genius. Business Coach and Mentor, Erin Thomas Wong, will be digging in to the topics that matter to YOU and sharing the stories of women striving to build life-friendly businesses on their own terms. If you want to grow and scale a business that works in harmony with your family and your life, this podcast is for you!