TLS #337: How I’ve Been Going Beyond The Mind During COVID-19

Hello my friends! Today I’m touching base on what I’ve been up to - and what I’ve been letting go of lately. This downtime in Hawaii has me pondering what you might call “area specific alignment,” and how the mind tends to find ease in some areas of lives but not others. In today’s episode, I’m using some examples to explain this topic and how it can relate to your experiences with the law of attraction. If you’ve ever found yourself looking for external joy or validation surrounding an issue in your life, you’ll totally relate.

I’m explaining how I’ve kept trust in abundance through career changes, made peace with my body, and changed how I experience my own vision of myself in the mirror. I’m sharing what deep trust in yourself and the universe feels like, how you might be feeling something similar in your own life, and how to notice energy leaks.

During this season when so many of us are reassessing priorities, confronting old limiting beliefs, and spending a whole lot of time alone with our minds, I hope this episode offers you a new way to approach this chapter of life. Here’s how I’m going beyond the mind even in this unprecedented time - and shedding thoughts that don’t serve me along the way. I hope you are safe and well wherever you may be!




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