TLS #338: What Happened When I Did My Own Inner Voice Session with An IVFT Grad

Hello my friends! In today’s episode, I’m sharing a clip of what happened when I did my own inner voice session with an IVFT grad! The session drew on both inner voice work and rapid transformational therapy, and I was able to access an inner part of myself that had a whole lot to share.

My inner being shared tips about body image, anxiety, death, and some of the fears our minds hold onto over the years. My inner being also explained a metaphor I’ve never heard before that I am SO excited for you to hear - it’s a great way to better understand the essence of our inner being. I can’t wait for you to hear it!



[Tweet "“The completeness they're looking for is in themselves. But the mind doesn’t realize that for a really long time. So it keeps looking and keeps completing and keeps seeking. That’s okay." - @JessCLively"]


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