TLS #340: How To Help Friends In A Crisis, The Meaning Of Shame, & How To Support Your Kids Through Health Issues with the Collective

This episode is a Lively Show first: a recording of a call with The Collective Collective! You’ll hear The Collective, channeled by Annie Francoeur, answer questions from CoCo members about recent events and all kinds of heart issues. The Collective guides us through the question of what, if anything, the COVID-19 pandemic means for humanity, and how to help people who are suffering in this time.
We touch on decision making, karma, lucky numbers, the power of prayer, and how humans can get stuck in the same loops over and over. We take a look at shame and fear, and the intense amount of power those emotions can have over people.
We also have a powerful conversation on how parents can support their kids through health issues or struggles – this part made me tear up!
I’m so happy to share this episode with you, and I hope the supportive group energy of the session lifts you up!


“Safety is in you. Safety is how solid you feel inside of your own self. Safety is not out there. So any crisis, any war, any threat – it may affect the safety of your physicality, the safety of your house, of whatever is material….Click To Tweet


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