TLS #348: All About IVFT from a Recent IVFT Grad’s Perspective

Hello and welcome to Episode 348 of the Lively Show! This is a special episode, as we get to hear from one Jess’s inner voice facilitator students, Lauren Ciesco. For someone who had previously considered themselves to have a“controlled mind”, it’s interesting to hear how she was led to finding her inner voice to actually becoming a facilitator.  The most amazing part is that through finding her inner voice, Lauren was able to release bean bags, overcome her eating disorder, find guidance for her business, and actually experience bliss. In this episode, you’ll also get amazing insight into what it’s like to go through Inner Voice Facilitator Training and how it can help to change your business life, plus many more golden nuggets on finding your inner voice from Lauren. What’s discussed in this episode… 13:36: An Inner Voice facilitator experience 15:37: Who is Inner Voice facilitating for?  19:48: Details on the Inward Bound Retreat Program 22:17: Q&A call announcement 27:16: Lauren’s backstory 32:50: Lauren’s first session with Jess and her inner voice 40:00: What it was like to go through Inner Voice Facilitator Training  53:31: How Lauren started to get in touch with her Inner Voice after training 57:55: Differentiating between source and restlessness 1:02:44: How this work has changed Lauren’s business life 1:15:32: Inner voice as a tool for a coach 1:19:34: What is a belief? Find more from Lauren:   LISTEN TO THE SHOW    

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