19 - Aneeqa Ali, Sara Kazi, Laila Rajani - A Sustainable & Inclusive Future for Pakistan's Tourism Industry

To say the tourism industry in Pakistan is a big deal is not an overstatement at all. It employs over 3.9 million people, and 80 million people travel within the country every year.  But as the country pushes for growth, there are things that need to be looked at to ensure sustainability. Are the communities hosting the tourists being treated fairly? How is tourism impacting their infrastructure? Are potential workers being upskilled to keep up with demand?  These are some of the questions that the Root Network is attempting to answer through its programs. We sat down with Aneeqa Ali, Sara Kazi, and Laila Rajani after the conclusion of their pilot project to talk about what they've learned, and what's next.  Mentioned in this episode: The Mad Hatters

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