#048 SuperFeast Rewind: Gut Health - Part 2

Gut Health Part 2 is here! If you haven't already listened to last week's Part 1 episode, we suggest you drop in now and have a listen. The guys pick up where they left off, diving deep into the energetics of the digestive system and referencing the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy. Probiotics and prebiotics are discussed in great detail and the role they play with chronic disease manifestations, like leaky gut. Dan (The Functional Naturopath) brings his clinical observations to the table with real-life client experiences.   The guys discuss: - 100% alkaline everything is NOT health promoting, sometimes acidity is beneficial  - The Spleen is connected to the whole digestive system, think of it as the digestive fire - Spleen deficiencies generally call for dietary adjustments and stress management  - Dampness can arise from depleting kidney essence (excessive amounts of cold, raw foods and fasting) - What diet is sustainable for decades, what flows naturally for you? - Extreme dietary regimes generally result in exhaustion and depletion  - High fat diets require more bile; some inflammatory gut species eat bile, this paired with leaky gut leads to a surge in systemic inflammation (endotoxemia) - Prebiotic fibre feed the beneficial native bacteria, don't forget PREbiotics! - Prebiotics: garlic, onion, asparagus, cooled rice and potato - Kidney essence relies heavily on healthy microbiome - Poor spleen function has emotional connections to: excessive worry, inability to tend for yourself, complaining a lot, needing gratification  - How medicinal mushies contain gut-boosting constituents  - What is Phase III of liver detoxification and how we can support it - How candida is opportunistic and how to lower excess levels - Medicinal mushies (unlike culinary mushrooms) help with fungal issues - We are built for walking, walk more for healthy waste excretion - Physical manipulation can really benefit a sluggish / toxic digestion   RESOURCES: Blog and Transcript Link: https://www.superfeast.com.au/blogs/superblog/tagged/podcast SuperFeast Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/superfeast-podcast/id1437097644?ls=1&mt=2 Jing Herb: superfeast.com.au/products/jing-herbs Long Live the Reishi Queen: superfeast.com.au/blogs/superblog/reishi-mushroom-immortality Read about the amazing benefits of SuperFeast Reishi here: superfeast.com.au/blogs/superblog/reishi-medicinal-mushroom?_pos=4&_sid=98ded00d0&_ss=r   TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND SHARE ONLINE! Instagram: instagram.com/superfeast Facebook: facebook.com/SuperFeast

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