#055 SuperFeast Rewind: Female Hormones with Dr Carrie Jones

In today's Women Series episode, Tahnee dives deep into listening to your body's innate wisdom, with Dr Carrie Jones. Dr Carrie is the medical director of the DUTCH, which is a relatively new analytic to test hormones and safe to say it greatly differs from the traditional Western blood-test approach. The ladies discuss the HPA axis and how the thyroid is best tested. Adrenal fatigue is explored and the discussion around slowing down and not being a master of all the things, all the time, is covered. Keto and veganism lifestyles are discussed. This is a beautiful conversation around a woman's wellbeing and how it is a complex and dancing conversation between all the organ systems and hormones. You don't want to miss this one!    The ladies discuss: - Blood tests show that moment in time; blood doesn't present what each constituent piece is doing, where it's going, or how the body is interacting with it - Accurately testing cortisol via blood, is challenging - DUTCH show the metabolites, which present how each hormone was processed - The ideal Western standard range for blood test data is very arbitrary - A slow thyroid slows down everything - hair, nails, metabolism, cortisol - Thyroid testing is best via blood - Cortisol and melatonin and sort of the like the sun and the moon, like Yin and Yang - Circadian rhythm irregularities (e.g. poor sleep) will effect all our rhythms, our female cycle included  - We love routine and structure, honour the body by having positive sleep hygiene practices and routine meal time. Basics are key - Why keto and intermittent fasting might not be for you - How symptoms easily become the normal, but feeling anxious, feeling tired all the time, are not the sign of health - How "adrenal fatigue" is the body's way of saying slow down - Quality truely is key when it comes to supplements  - How veganism has the tendency to deplete a woman's systems - What's leptin resistance?  - The physiology behind polycystic ovarian syndrome - Biologically speaking, survival is the priority, reproduction is not. Hence why stress can play havoc with a women's cycle - Libido is a strong sign of robust health, low libido is an indicator there is imbalance - Why informed decision-making, regarding the Pill is critical - Why menopause symptoms can differ so significantly between women Resources:   For more: https://www.superfeast.com.au/blogs/articles/female-hormones-with-dr-carrie-jones-ep-19?_pos=1&_sid=c9ba8e99c&_ss=r SuperFeast Podcast: https://www.superfeast.com.au/blogs/articles/tagged/podcast

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