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Ep. 731 - Don’t Reform The Public School System. Destroy It.

av The Matt Walsh Show | Publicerades 5/28/2021

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, in a disturbing Zoom video, a public school teacher tells other teachers that it is their moral duty to brainwash kids into critical race theory. In fact, if they do not brainwash kids, then they are no better than sexual abusers. This kind of madness is all over the school system, which raises the question I’ve asked many times: when are we going to abandon the system entirely? If not now, when? Also Five Headlines including the defund the police proponent who ended up having to call the police after some kids stole his car. And Caitlyn Jenner, in a shocking turn of events, flip flops and comes out in favor of males in female sports. Plus, a woman writes to Slate asking what to do about her husband who won’t take his mask off at all, ever, even while being intimate. In our Daily Cancellation, I will defend myself against the gay news publication that is currently trying to cancel and deplatform me. 

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