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Ep. 740 - White Supremacists Are Using Climate Change To Kill Us

av The Matt Walsh Show | Publicerades 6/11/2021

Today on the Matt Walsh Show, Joe Biden declares that global warming is the greatest threat we face. But didn’t he just say white supremacy is the greatest threat? Democrats keep cycling through different bogeymen and fear tactics. We’ll discuss. Also Five Headlines including the rehabilitation of Jeffrey Toobin, featuring perhaps the most cringe-inducing video of all time. And a young girl speaks up against gender theory in school. We have that video. Plus iHeartMedia puts out a job listing and declares that it wants diverse applicants only (read: not white). Isn't that illegal? Finally in our daily cancellation we have the harrowing tale of Korean Canadian sitcom stars who spent five seasons on a show and now that it’s over they say they were being victimized by racism the whole time.

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