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Ep01 // The Office Breakup and Pete's Stand-Up Comedy Career - The Matti & Pete Show

Avsnittet publicerades: 5/10/2019

In this very first episode of The Matti & Pete Show, the guys describe their hopes and dreams of what this podcast will be. They also address them breaking up… from their office space and what that means for their channels.
They share their concern of now being the “old guys” in the film/photography space. And we learn how Pete did 10 weeks of stand up comedy - and was horrible - but how that has made him a better entertainer on YouTube. Lastly, the guys do an episode 3 cinematic breakdown of Game of Thrones - there are spoilers in this, so be warned!

Special Thanks / Credits
Show Photo - Alen Palander
Audio Guidance - Ryan Freeman
Producer - Tyler Wells

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From the Peaks in B.C., to the Switchbacks in Switzerland, to the Dunes in Dubai, Matti Haapoja and Peter McKinnon are two YouTuber’s at the top of their game. Together they have some of the gnarliest cinematic footage on the platform, but are now putting down their cameras and picking up the mics to talk about their day-to-day as creators, YouTube trends, entrepreneurship, and of course, gear. Oh yeah, and there will be some sweet interviews with other creators and friends too.