Ep. 293: Snakebite

Steven Rinella talks with Jordan Budd, Ryan Callaghan, Phil Taylor, Corinne Schneider, and Janis Putelis. Topics discussed: A squirrel poaching story from Missouri; Clay Newcomb's method of dunking and skinning squirrels; Jani's big sheep hunt; is it a dick move to shoot a collared animal?; MeatEater's Auction House of Oddities is stacked: A Bucky Bowl, Jani's first pheasant tail, Luke Combs' signed guitar, and many other way cool originals; an ancient projectile point found inside a Mississippi alligator's stomach; flagging tape revisited and the toilet paper alternative ; the Snort-Rattle Bite Controversy; two very tiny holes; a desiccated Snort ear; debridement, the super fancy word for the act of picking at scabs; a bald eared, hun-hunting pup; chasing turkeys on a tricycle; booking hunters off Craigslist in highschool; Jordan's dall sheep hunt story; how to book hunts with Jordan in Nebraska; freedom mounts; and more. Connect with Steve and MeatEater Steve on Instagram and Twitter MeatEater on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube Shop MeatEater Merch Learn more about your ad-choices at https://www.iheartpodcastnetwork.com

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