Escaping the Bunker Mentality with Dr. Janet Abrahm

Janet Abrahm, MD, is a nationally recognized expert in Palliative Medicine and Oncology and a Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School where she has been practicing at Dana Farber Cancer Institute for over 20 years. She has authored “The Comprehensive Guide to Supportive and Palliative Care in Patients with Cancer.” She was recently recognized with the 2022 AAHPM Award for Teaching and Mentoring and the Dana Farber’s Edward Benz Award for Mentorship of Women in Medicine. “It's good to trust yourself, to have the courage of your convictions. But also be aware that it can lead you to not listen to criticism when you need to. Being a pioneer is a double-edged sword.” Dr. Janet Abrahm talks with us on walking the fine line between being confident and yet receptive to feedback. In this episode of The Medicine Mentors, nationally recognized mentor Dr. Janet Abrahm shares key insights on honing our ability to trust ourselves, combining feedback with self-confidence to reach better decisions and in the process escaping the bunker mentality. Pearls of Wisdom:   1. Being a pioneer means trusting yourself but also reaching out to mentors and being open to feedback. You might think you’re the only one out there on the cutting edge but staying open and engaging with colleagues can reveal valuable and productive relationships you’d never imagine. 2. Just because you have an inclination doesn’t mean it’s a limitation. Recognize it now and be able to work with that and turn it into a strength as you move forward. 3. In order to continually progress in life, ask yourself these questions at regular intervals: Who am I? Am I happy or satisfied? Can and should I be doing this for five more years? 

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