The Mel Robbins Show

Family Feud

av The Mel Robbins Show | Publicerades 4/14/2020

A woman trapped in the middle of an ugly feud between the father of her children and her mom. Mom claims he’s cheating on her daughter and calls him names so bad, Mel can’t even repeat them on air. Today, they’re together for the first time in over a year, and it may be the last.

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The Mel Robbins Show is a 1-hour talk show hosted by the leading global motivational speaker and best-selling author of the 5 Second Rule, Mel Robbins. Mel helps real people transform their lives by empowering them with the tools necessary to conquer their everyday problems and life’s biggest problems. Armed with her simple, actionable, “no-bs” advice, Mel helps women build life strategy roadmaps. The Mel Robbins Show meets women where they are and pushes them forward in a time when life feels upside down for many. Each show provides highly sharable content and continues online where women connect and engage with other members of Mel’s community. Mel is funny, she pulls no punches, she’s a passionate voice for women and she’s asking the question, what are you waiting for? The Mel Robbins Show is produced by Sony Pictures Television.