Nihal Arthanayake

Nihal Arthanayake, a rapper turned broadcaster who knows a thing or two about shaking things up. Born to Buddhist parents of Sri Lankan origin in Essex, Nihal performed for five years as an MC before turning his hand to promotion and freelance music journalism. After years championing Asian and Desi bests in dark club basements, he eventually found a home at the BBC hosting award-winning shows on Radio One and BBC Asian Network, before moving to 5 Live, where he now interrogates an eclectic and often starry guest list - from political heavyweights and famous musicians, to unmissable stories and important debates. In this interview Nihal describes how he's 'floated through life', but we don't think that's entirely true. Guided by curiosity, and unshakable self-belief, it's clear Nihal has carved his own route to the top. But now, having just turned 50, is he slowing down? Will he ever 'grow out' of his Air Force 1s? And is music the key to staying young at heart? You'll have to listen to find out, but you'll also hear from author and founder Lucy Kellaway, who at 57, left a high-powered role at the Financial Times to retrain as a maths teacher, and has never looked back. 

Om Podcasten

Gabby Logan is middle-aged and unashamed. But what does it mean to be at the halfway stage of your life? Here, Gabby talks candidly to well-known faces about their own midlife challenges and expectations, drawing on the advice of experts from sleep gurus, nutritionists, and doctors specialising on hormone treatment.