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14: Why We Love Ted-Style Talks

av The Mike Drop Moment | Publicerades 1/29/2020

You can't go very far without someone mentioning, sharing, or giving a TEDx talk -- which explains why they have become so popular. The public loves watching them. Speakers love giving them. Conferences love copying them by creating their own TED-style talk tracks. But why are they so popular?

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How do you tell your story? Own the stage? Give a killer speech that captivates the audience? Use the power of public speaking to boost my brand? These are the kinds of questions that leading public speaking + storytelling coach, Mike Ganino, plunges into on The Mike Drop Moment. The Mike Drop Moment is that space where you show up unapologetically you and say the exact thing that your audience needs to hear to have an aha moment. It’s that moment when everyone is in awe of your authenticity. It’s that moment that every public speaker, storytelling, and entrepreneur craves when they hit the stage. Mike brings you bold conversations with public speaking powerhouses, expert advice from personal development leaders, and mini public speaking + storytelling masterclasses to give you real-life valuable takeaways so you can craft a speech, a story, a business, and a life that the world can’t stop talking about. Discover why Fortune 500 CEOs, TEDx speakers, bestselling authors, and 7-figure entrepreneurs turn to Mike Ganino to find their voice, tell their story, and create a movement. Your audience is waiting. Isn’t it time to find your #mikedropmoment?