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All you need to know about your second brain with Hayley Parcell

av The MindBodyBrain Project | Publicerades 5/8/2021

My Guest today is a qualified nutritional medicine practitioner and now Head of Healthcare Operations and Development for Queensland-based microbiome testing and research company, Microba. Hayley Parcel leads a team of healthcare professionals to drive clinical understanding and implementation of gut microbiome analysis at Microba and today we do a truly fascinating deep dive into what cutting-edge research is telling us about the contents of your large intestine, and the implications for personalised nutrition. You can oder a gut microbiome test directly though Microba here.If you're a health professional that's interested in working with Microba, click here.Here's what we talk about in the podcast:4:38 - Microba company beginnings5:44 - An overview of the gut microbiome 7:56 - Technological advances in gut microbiome analysis10:09 - Your 2-way relationship with your microbiome11:33 - Probiotics vs prebiotics14:58 - Why you can't out-supplement a bad diet21:28 - The microbiome in human health & disease23:04 - The microbiome and mental health27:00 - Insights from fecal transplants29:57 -  Early life influences on your microbiome32:05 - The microbiome and your immune system35:38 - The impacts of different diets44:50 - Shotgun metagenomics technology for microbiome anlaysis47:55 - Microba and health practitioners49:28 - Getting your own microbiome tested51:52 - The future of microbiome research

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