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Back from the brink - a journey into drugs, addiction, rehab, genetics, epigenetics and Amazonian shamans

av The MindBodyBrain Project | Publicerades 2/5/2021

My guest today is a fascinating character and a real Pracademic when it comes to addiction and rehab. Jack Nagle was a teenager with a promising future in sport until recreational drug use turned into an addiction that spiralled into suicide attempts and a near-death overdose. After going through rehab, he made it his mission to start real conversations about drugs and he now runs sophisticated rehab programs for addicts, as well as a range of social media initiatives. In today’s episode, we discuss the social, emotional, genetic and epigenetic factors involved in drug use and addiction and explore  a wide-range of novel treatment modalities  - and the politics holding them back.You can find out more about Jack's work and programs at,  and as well as on instagram @realdrugtalkIn this episode we discuss a wide range of topics, such as:Start:   Jack's journey into & out of drugs6:07   The ravages of ICE / Crystal Meth12:58   From drug addict to rehab program director14:35   Is addiction a disease?19:06   Your brain on drugs22:30  The role of emotional and spiritual voids in addiction26:40   The pleasureful side of drugs and alcohol29:00   Environmental & genetic influences on risk of addiction35:30   Epigenetics & neuroplasticity44:20   The effectiveness (or lack thereof) of traditional rehab programs50:32   The potential for therapist-guided journeys with psychedellics as a treatment1:04:46   The role of the gut microbiome in treatment 1:07:46   Jack's ultimate rehab program 

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