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How to enhance your self-control to improve your life, with Paul Taylor

av The MindBodyBrain Project | Publicerades 6/6/2021

Its something that we could all use at times - an increase in will-power or self-control. In this episode, I go into some iconic research studies in this area that reveal just how much of an influence that it has on our success in life. Then, more importantly, I go into a number of proven strategies for enhancing our self-control, under the structure of Angela Duckworth and James Gross 'Process model of self-control'.Read more on Roy Baumeister here.Check out the Dundein study that I reference here.Check out the paper by Duckworth and Gross here. Check out this useful article on strategies.

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Host Paul Taylor, a Neuroscientist, Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist and PhD student in Psychology, interviews experts from around the world on cutting edge research and practices related to improving your mind, body and brain to become your best self.