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Solutions to the number one problem with modern life - Disconnection Syndrome part 2, with Dr Austin Perlmutter

av The MindBodyBrain Project | Publicerades 4/16/2021

This podcast was so good that I had to split it into 2 parts, and today is part 2.My guest today is Dr. Austin Perlmutter, who is a board-certified internal medicine physician and New York Times bestselling author. His research interests are the factors that impact our decision-making and helping others to improve their decision-making and quality of life. He is the co-author of the outstanding book Brain Wash and writes for Psychology Today on his blog, The Modern Brain.In today’s session, we follow up last week's conversation about what Austin terms Disconnection Syndrome with a range of practical things that we can all do to positively impact our physical and mental health.Make sure you buy his book that he wrote with his dad, as it's truly brilliant - here is the link.

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