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Your amazing brain, self-identity and consciousness, with the legendary Baroness Professor Susan Greenfield

av The MindBodyBrain Project | Publicerades 3/20/2021

Today's episode is an exploration of your brain with a quite incredible person.  Baroness Susan greenfield is a professor at Oxford university, an honorary Australian and the CEO of a Biotech company called Neuro Bio.  She has published 10 books and been awarded 32 honorary degrees by British & foreign universities.Her work has aimed to uncover some of the most elusive questions about the brain, such as what is consciousness and what can we do to prevent and treat Alzheimer's disease. In today's session we delve into both of those topics and also explore neuroplasticity, how to keep your brain healthy, the negative impact of today's hyper-stimulating environment on our brains and especially those of kids. Here is Susan's website, where you find out more about her and find her books, research and Bio-tech company, Neuro Bio. here's what we talked about and when:Start -  Susan's working class background and journey to Oxford university8:44 -  How Susan ended up in the area of neuroscience11:06 -  how our brain's have allowed us to be the dominant species on earth18:20 - The personalisation of your brain19:56 - Your brain's incredible potential for neuroplasticity24:15 - The impact of today's hyper-stimulating environment on brain development and function33:40 - The value of free play and imagination37:20 - The famous piano experiment, brain function & the risks of multi-tasking43:44 - Susan's top 3 recommendations for keeping your brain healthy50:49 - A potential game-changing discovery for Alzheimer's Disease

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