Best Advice for Remote First Companies

Coming from different conferences around the state our host and Director of Accounting, Jamie Nau together with our founders, Jody Grunden and Adam Hale bring about a hot topic that's been making a lot of buzz in the industry. In this episode, they share what they learned and from experience and give sound advice for remote first companies. Highlighting three important foundations that make Summit CPA Group a successful remote workplace — People, Processes, and Tools.

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Are you the owner of an accounting firm? Do you want to make your firm more profitable? Are you interested in providing Virtual CFO services to clients? Dedicated to perfecting Virtual CFO Services since our inception in 2002, Summit CPA Group, now A Division of Anders CPAs + Advisors, serves as Virtual CFOs for over 100 clients throughout North America. While most accounting firms focus on the past, our Virtual CFO firm focuses on the future. This podcast seeks to help accounting firm owners like you learn how to provide successful Virtual CFO services and become profitable. Tune-in bi-weekly as our host Jamie Nau interviews our COO Adam Hale and other special guests to share the knowledge and experience acquired from our 20 plus year run as the leading Virtual CFO service provider in North America. We'll answer some of the most common questions like how do I provide accounting services virtually? What's it like running a distributed team? And much, much more.