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S2 E6 In conversation with Junnifa Uzodike & Dr Ayize Sabater about Montessori for babies

av The Montessori Notebook podcast :: a Montessori parenting podcast with Simone Davies | Publicerades 5/20/2021

I said last week I’d have to do a podcast soon all about babies, and after our book launch Zoom party for The Montessori Baby last week where Junnifa and I were talking all about our love for babies, I decided it could be fun to share the recording from the book launch party for this week’s podcast. We talked about how we show respect for babies in the Montessori approach, we give you a virtual tour of the book, and even some of the people featured in the book were live on the call and able to talk about how it’s been for them to apply Montessori in their lives. And the most fun is Dr Ayize Sabater of the Black Montessori Education Fund. He kindly agreed to host the event and you can just feel his joy and his passion for Montessori. Enjoy...Links from the showDr Ayize Sabater - Instagram, blackmontessorieducationfund.orgSanny van Loon - Instagram (our book illustrator)Montessori Chapters, Maria and CharlieMontessorian by heart, Neus - Spanish/BraziliaThe Kavanaugh Report, Nicole KavanaughMainly Montessori, Pilar BewleyRaising Yannis, AhoefaForest Montessori, JayaMontessori in Real Life, TheresaMontessori like a Mother, AmyKarin SlabaughTo order 10+ books for schools or wholesale, email specialmarkets@workman.comYouTube video of The Montessori Baby book launchTilt ParentingBilingualismEowyn Crisfield - Bilingual Families: A Practical Language Planning Guide bookEowyn Crisfield - Raising Bilingual & Multilingual children workshopColin Baker, A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to BilingualismThis week's listener questionI'd love to hear more about your journey incorporating Montessori and bilingualism, Simone. Where we are moving next (in the US), we'll have to choose between one or the other for schooling (a Montessori school or an immersion school). The second language is not my first language, but we'd still like to introduce a second language. How did you navigate this or do you have any tips or resources you recommend? Thank you! - Sarah

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