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S2 E8 all about Montessori in real life with Theresa

av The Montessori Notebook podcast :: a Montessori parenting podcast with Simone Davies | Publicerades 6/3/2021

So lovely to learn more about Theresa from Montessori In Real Life who we all love following on Instagram. She shares so much in this episode from how she gets her children to pack away, to what they are loving outdoors, organising spaces with siblings, their favourite practical life, her own anti-bias journey and so much more.Links from the showTheresa from Montessori in Real Life - Website / InstagramQuote from Aubrey Hargis hereBritt & Tiffany's course - their 4 week course is currently unavailable / 2 hour workshop with The Montessori NotebookTheresa featured on The Montessori notebook blog here and hereTheir Ikea play kitchen turned Montessori kitchen hereHow Montessori brings more joy - blog postToddlers need for movement - insta reelTips for practical life in the kitchen - insta reelGetting kids to put things away - insta postPraise vs acknowledgement - blog postEncouraging independent play - blog postfreedom within limits - insta postTips for caregivers and grandparents - blog postTheresa's Montessori guidesWhole Brain Child, Dan Siegel & Tina Payne BrysonListener questionHi! I am just discovering Montessori and I have a 3…almost 4 year old. She has developed a fear of bugs so much that she cries when it’s time to go outside. I’m a working mom so I try to get her outside as much as I can. I do let her hold my hand and I let her know that she is safe. We talk about bugs that are okay to observe close up vs bugs that we want to observe at a distance. Basically, how do I navigate through this time? We are in Michigan so it’s quite buggy right now and the summer months are upon us. My husband and I loooove being outside (camping, gardening, etc) but now she’s so afraid that we are finding ourselves inside a lot to respect her emotions. - Scarlett

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