Episode 2: Moomin philosophy

In this episode, we’ll be taking a deep dive into the true meaning of the thing they call "Moomin Philosophy" and try to figure out what the Moomins are all about between the lines. As we delve into Moomin philosophy in this episode, we’ll be speaking with academics and philosophers such as Sanna Tirkkonen and Björn Sundmark about their studies of the deeper aspects of the Moomins. Many people around the world have different Moomin characters as role models, despite (or maybe because of) the flaws and quirks that both children and adults can identify with. What is it about the Moomins that appeals to so many on so many levels?

Om Podcasten

In this podcast series hosted by comedian and actor Jennifer Saunders we will be unearthing and exploring the Moomin world and it's curious characters - and hopefully understanding how it has become such a vast, world-wide phenomenon. We will be traveling to many Moomin locations around the globe, from a unique treasure trove in the heart of Helsinki, to Tove Jansson's mythical studio, to a celebrated outhouse in the Finnish archipelago, to the homes and workplaces of Moomin-lovers in London. We'll even pop off to Tokyo, Japan!The podcast series is produced by Soundtelling on behalf of Moomin Characters.