Episode 3: Inspired by Moomin

Now is the time to hear people who have been deeply influenced by the Moomins, from London, through Helsinki all the way to Tokyo. What does a theater director, an author of children’s books and a philosopher have in common? Well, they might just all be drawing their inspiration from Moominvalley. In fact, imagine all the people around the world influenced by the gentle Moomins, the hysterically dutiful Fillyjonk, the orderly Hemulens, or the free-spirited Snufkin. Imagine the righteous anger of Little My encouraging one person to take up a worthwhile cause, and pushing another to finally tell the stories they always wanted to tell. This is the third installment of the podcast about the Moomin phenomenon. In the past, we have looked at the fans of the Moomins, as well as the philosophy of the Moomins. But can an entire hospital be inspired by Moomin values and philosophy? Apparently there is such a place, the children's hospital in Helsinki, which has incorporated Moomin values in every step taking care of the patients. We will also visit a fruit garden full of instruments, a studio where the tunes of Moominvalley emerge. In this episode we'll meet the musician Lauri Porra and author Philip Ardagh and desingers Rika Kawato and Harriet Wine among others.

Om Podcasten

In this podcast series hosted by comedian and actor Jennifer Saunders we will be unearthing and exploring the Moomin world and it's curious characters - and hopefully understanding how it has become such a vast, world-wide phenomenon. We will be traveling to many Moomin locations around the globe, from a unique treasure trove in the heart of Helsinki, to Tove Jansson's mythical studio, to a celebrated outhouse in the Finnish archipelago, to the homes and workplaces of Moomin-lovers in London. We'll even pop off to Tokyo, Japan!The podcast series is produced by Soundtelling on behalf of Moomin Characters.