Episode 4: Made by Moomin

This is the fourth episode of the podcast about the Moomin phenomenon, and this time we’ll be looking at the commercialisation of Moomin. Why is there so much Moomin STUFF in the world? Is it simply because it’s an easy way to feel closer to the world of Moomin? Do you, dear listener, have any Moomin merchandise or collectables in your home? Perhaps a fridge magnet? Or a plush toy? Have you tasted the Fillyjonk fizzy soft drink? Or, as we discussed in the last episode, Moomin whiskey? A Moomin mug was sold for 25 thousand pounds on auction – how is that even possible? In this episode, we are going to visit a real treasure chamber full of Moomin rarities and Tove Jansson's illustrations. And we try to answer the following question: How do you actually preserve the artistic value of a commercial brand while maintaining Tove Jansson’s artistry and values? In this episode we talk to Roleff Kråkström, Managing Director at Moomin Characters and professor Boel Westin among others. 

Om Podcasten

In this podcast series hosted by comedian and actor Jennifer Saunders we will be unearthing and exploring the Moomin world and it's curious characters - and hopefully understanding how it has become such a vast, world-wide phenomenon. We will be traveling to many Moomin locations around the globe, from a unique treasure trove in the heart of Helsinki, to Tove Jansson's mythical studio, to a celebrated outhouse in the Finnish archipelago, to the homes and workplaces of Moomin-lovers in London. We'll even pop off to Tokyo, Japan!The podcast series is produced by Soundtelling on behalf of Moomin Characters.