Today we are talking about how we struggle to find balance in ALL aspects of life in our 20s!  Finding balance in college vs. the adult world is VERY different and we are exposing ourselves.  Podcast Insta - https://www.instagram.com/themorningafter.pod/ Ali's Insta - https://www.instagram.com/aligracehartman/ MaKayla's Insta - https://www.instagram.com/makk_5/

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The Morning After - Graduation is a Podcast hosted by Ali and MaKayla, talking about surviving in the real world post College. These besties will discuss the difficult transitions and emotional rollercoasters that come with life after graduation. This podcast will be your cheat sheet to life in your early 20's, and how to manage this uncertain era. Join Ali and MaKayla every other week to hear about their Morning After...Graduation.