The MSG Pod: Episode 005 - Dan Lepard

Food writer, broadcaster and legendary baker Dan Lepard discusses his (very) showbiz beginnings, working as David Hockney’s private chef, and shooting models for Italian Vogue. He also talks about creating the St John’s Eccles Cake, the problems with (in)authenticity, his love for Japan’s marmalade-makers, the possible effects of Brexit, the rise of the foodie newsletter, and making space at the table for everyone. Meanwhile, Huong and MiMi discuss sourdough, and MiMi tries her hand at making Dan’s cheese and black pepper buttons. Plus, the winners of the Yum Asia Giveaway are announced! #TheMSGpod #MSGpod Rate and subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Website: Tweet: @TheMSGpod Instagram: @TheMSGpod Hosted by @meemalee and @mrshuongblack. Edited and produced by @meemalee. Guest star @nigellalawson. Giveaway thanks to @YumAsia. Music by @dblackguitar and produced by @vellumhill. Artwork by @meemalee. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe, rate, review and share with your friends. We're an independent podcast and every recommendation helps - thank you!

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A podcast by MiMi Aye aka meemalee exploring food and culture and what it means to be a 2nd Generation immigrant in the UK today, with special guests bringing you the MSG (Mildly Spicy Gossip)!