The MSG Pod: Episode 006 - Viv Yau - LUNAR NEW YEAR SPECIAL

Activist, podcast host of But Where Are You From, director-founder of Bee Influence UK, and 1/6 of besea.n (the British East and South East Asian Network), the brilliant Viv Yau talks to us on her work with besea.n, (mis)represention in the media, finding #ESEAjoy wherever you can, the need to rally for white allies, eating anything but Dominoes, Chef Philli and other self-proclaimed Asian experts, and celebrating Lunar New Year with the Kim Nanosounds x besea.n LNY Twitch Livestream on Saturday 13 February featuring Crazy Brit Asian and the MSG Pod! Meanwhile, Huong and MiMi discuss their own Lunar New Year plans - spoiler: it involves lots of food! CW // Contains use of the other C-word (pejorative referring to Chinese people) Rate and subscribe on Apple Podcasts: Website: Tweet: @TheMSGpod Instagram: @TheMSGpod Hosted by @meemalee and @mrshuongblack. Edited and produced by @meemalee. Guest star @itsvivyau. Music by @dblackguitar and produced by @vellumhill. Artwork by @meemalee. If you enjoy the show, please subscribe, rate, review and share with your friends. We're an independent podcast and every recommendation helps - thank you! #MSGpod #TheMSGpod

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A podcast by MiMi Aye aka meemalee exploring food and culture and what it means to be a 2nd Generation immigrant in the UK today, with special guests bringing you the MSG (Mildly Spicy Gossip)!