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Meet a Composer! with Rachel Grimes on The Music Box

av The Music Box | Publicerades 2/21/2018

Rachel Grimes is a composer from Carroll County, Kentucky. The ukulele class at Harmony Elementary interviewed her about what it's like to be a composer today. Listen and you'll learn that you can be a composer too! Sometimes you just need to start small. Just like you can build cities out of legos you can build symphonies out of just a few notes.Hosted and produced by Sara Louise Callaway, WUOLCurriculum design by Paul Robinson, JCPSPhotography by Tyler FranklinRecording Assistance by Anne GauthierHost: Harmony Elementary and James AlbrittonMusic Credits:00:00 Happiness Nugetts by Colleen:36 The Corner Room by Rachel Grimes1:48 Brooks Farm Field Recording by Aaron Rosenblum3:37 The Corner Room by Rachel Grimes, performed by Jason Seber and the Kansas City Symphony7:02 Dorothy Susan Grimes (Mama Dot)8:35 Going to the Chapel of Love by The Shirelles9:21 My Dear Companion by Rachel Grimes10:32 Every Morning by Rachel Grimes11:24 Every Morning, Birds by Rachel Grimes 12:01 She Was Here by Rachel Grimes12:40 G7 Blues by The Harmony Elementary Ukulele Ensemble13:18 Every Morning, Birds by Rachel Grimes +

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