The Musical Ear

Common Melodic Shapes Lesson (why playing music by ear is easier than you think)

av The Musical Ear | Publicerades 5/8/2020

Most songs you hear on the radio use the same melodic shapes as each other. In this lesson I show you the #1 melodic shape to play music by ear

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Welcome to Julian Bradley's ear training podcast for musicians! Learn to play music by ear using proven practice methods, while avoiding common mistakes that many musicians make. Episodes include ear training practice at the piano, college style ear training tests, and Q+A sessions to help you learn to play music by ear. Julian is a jazz pianist from the U.K. and has a masters degree in music. All episodes are based on Julian's 'Fixed Key Learning' method - where musicians transcribe all songs in the same key (we use C minor). This way you'll learn to spot the common melodic shapes and chord progressions that most songs use, without the distraction of changing keys for every song. Topics include: how to play piano by ear, relative pitch lessons, chord progression ear training, guitar ear training, how to play guitar by ear, and much more!