SEASON 3 EPISODE 18 Busting 3 big sleep myths with Dr. Cara Goodwin

In this week's episode, I sat down with Dr. Cara Goodwin to address 3 huge parenting topics and explain what the latest evidence-based research says.Specifically, Cara talked about: Whether introducing a pacifier to a newborn before breastfeeding is established actually impacts breastfeedingThe most effective way to address bedtime fears and strugglesScreentime before bed and sleep. Dr. Cara Goodwin is a Child Psychologist and the owner of Parenting Translator, a non-profit organization that takes all the latest research on everything parenting related and translates it for the rest of us to understand.  Cara's goal is to help parents make informed decisions about their kids feeling confident and empowered.Enjoy!Want to get your little one consistently sleeping 11-12 hours at night so you can be a functioning human?  Join my FREE training HERE:   

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