1. Why Should You Listen to the Myrra Kate Podcast?

This first episode is mainly all about introducing the Myrra Kate Podcast! Why should you even spend your precious time listening to these episodes? Who is this podcast for? Those are just some of the questions I've answered in this episode.  Stay tuned for new episodes every Monday! What you'll learn in this episode: Why I changed the name from The Limitless You to The Myrra Kate What the mission of this newly rebrand podcast is The bible verse that inspired me to start podcasting again Who is this podcast for The new format for the episodes and what to expect in the future >> Ever wanted to launch online courses, make money teaching what you love, and grow a wildly successful business? Sign up for my exclusive FREE training on how to launch a profitable course without complicated strategies & a huge audience: myrrakate.com/masterclass   >> Read more about online courses, business, and personal development at myrrakate.com/blog   >> Follow Myrra for more online course, business, and mindset tips for coaches, content creators, and service-based entrepreneurs at instagram.com/myrrakate 

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The Myrra Kate Podcast is a faith-based personal development podcast that aims to encourage and equip young people in building a life of purpose, freedom, and impact. With episodes released every Monday, you'll be inspired to live out your purpose and step out in faith towards your biggest God-given dreams. Visit myrrakate.com to learn more.