S2 Ep 3: Your faith steps matter

"No matter how little or big our faith steps seem, all of them will matter in the long run." - A quote from the Faith Steps Book Ever found yourself in a state of inaction, analysis paralysis, or fear that you can't take any step toward your goals? Are you comparing yourself with the people you see online or around you that you eventually feel like taking action toward your dreams is useless or impossible? If you answered yes, this podcast episode is for you. LINKS: GET THE FAITH STEPS BOOK HERE - faithsteps.co SCREENSHOT THIS EP, TAG & FOLLOW ME ON IG - instagram.com/myrrakate GET INSPIRATIONAL POSTS - instagram.com/faithstepsbook BROWSE OUR WEBSITE - myrrakate.com *"Radiance" Track Background Music Credits to JMBMozo on Spotify

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